From the Blog: Star Trek - Into Darkness

Seeing Star Trek - Into Darkness on the opening weekend was great! The movie was OK. It met my expectations and I won't write too much about it here. But what more spectacular than the movie, was the fans! The fans that are, I think, quite unique. Star Trek is obviously important. Make it obvious to a fan that you mix up Star Wars with Star Trek, and they will roll their eyes, but probably not correct you. Much like you would not waste your time trying to explain Einstein's theory of relativity to the average 5 year old.
Once inside, it's time to learn something else about trekkies. First I draw the parallels to how I have sensed a kind of competition in spirituallity in some religious groups. But then I realise I don't have to go further than to science jokes. Face it, Star Trek nerds, Math nerds, Computer nerds.. this is a world I'm familiar with.
Say you tell this joke...

Toplist of the week: Zombies

Zombies are the new vampires! It's a mystery to me how dead cold creatures walking around slowly dreaming of eating a brain will make good stories. I have seen a few taking on the task from different angles with different result.

Member in the spotlight: Morgan Jennevret

The first member of is.. surprise surprise the developer. Somehow I have the feeling most people reading this already know me. That does not stop me from enjoy my time in the spotlight by interviewing myself.

Why did you set up Because I believe it's a good idea! I often find myself surfing around on movie sites looking for a movie to watch. No matter how much inspiration and recomendations I had earlier, when I sit there it's all blank. I wish will be a platform for people with an interest in film to inspire each other.

So you think you're that inspireing? Luckily it's not up to me. Anyone with a facebook account can join in and build lists, post comments, share lists and inspire!

Any last words to your fellow listers? This will not be my last words :) Please join in and share your views, preferences and experiences.

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